Friday, May 13, 2011

Three Weeks of Being Home

After just 3 days home we got to visit the ER. She was eating very little and crying a lot and her head measurement was bigger. It was a Saturday and our pediatrician said we had better take her in. We were there for 3 lovely hours trying to keep her happy while keeping her from eating just in case they needed to do the surgery. They wrapped her tight in a blankie and strapped her down for a CAT scan. The noisy huge machine rotated around her head and she just laid there perfectly still and sucked on her binky, what a good girl!! The results came back and her ventricles were enlarged a little bit but still not enough to do the shunt surgery. It gave us peace of mind to know that her head was still okay, it must've just been a bad day. What a guessing game!!

Snuggles with daddy in the ER

Emma had a 4 hour long appointment at the spina bifida clinic at Primary's last Friday the 6th. We saw about 10 different doctors and specialists at the SB clinic and it was all really informative. They all loved to see how well she is doing. Our most exciting news is that since her kidneys and bladder look great, the Urologist says we no longer have to cath her once a day. HOORAY!! Also, her head circumference is following a stable growth curve so we still don't need a shunt yet, they'll check that again in 3 weeks.

Ahhh, breakfast in bed.

Cutie Pie!!

First Easter

Meeting Great Grandpa Yates for the first time... He passed away two days later, we will miss him!

First stroller ride, I'm not so sure about the cool breeze and bright sun!

We had an appointment with the cardiologist yesterday, after doing a heart ultrasound and an EKG (see picture below) we learned that the hole in her heart is getting slightly smaller!!! The doctor is hopeful that it will close on its own, we are SO excited! Her fast breathing and fatigue while eating will slowly improve as her heart does and she'll get better at eating by mouth with time.

We thought she had gone wireless, I guess not!