Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jumpin' for Joy!

Can you believe it?! Before Emma was born we didn't know if she'd have any mobility in her legs or feet... Just look at her go! (Shawn and I are jumpin' for joy, too!!) She is such a miracle. Last week her doctor started her on regular calorie formula because she's gaining weight so well. In fact, he even said she was "pudgy". Who knew that could fell like such a compliment! :) Also, the other day we were at the dentist and a complete stranger who had no clue of her past said, "She looks so healthy!" I just smiled and thanked her, but inside I was beaming. I could've never imagined that by the time Emma was almost 8 months old she would be just like any other baby. There is always the worry that her shunt might clog or that her ankles and feet may not work just right when she gets older, but all is well. In fact, her physical therapist was very impressed with her ankles. When she puts her weight on them while we hold her up they stay nice and straight without rolling or collapsing.

Oh my gosh, talk about kisses that just melt your heart.

Look what I can do mom!

This is an outfit I wore when I was a baby.

For the love of food!!

Our little lady bug.