Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walking, here I come!!!!

It's true... Emma is 18 months old and starting to walk while holding on to things!!!!  What a miracle she is!  It helps her to wear thick soled shoes since her ankles roll inward a little bit but a simple arch support should help correct that if needs be as she gets older.  Woohoo!!!!

The hole in her heart still hasn't closed on its own yet but the cardiologist isn't too concerned at this point.  When she turns two they'll do an extensive ultrasound to see if the left chamber has gotten too large from the blood crossing through the hole and if surgery to repair it would be necessary.  He suspects that the flow of blood to it is pretty restricted and would take years to enlarge the chamber too much.

Her bladder walls are thickening from being constantly full and not frequently expanding and contracting since she can't empty it on her own.  Thus we begin again to cath her twice a day.  It's actually a relief to me to know that her poor bladder is finally getting emptied instead of just kindof on constant overflow.  As she gets older and stops wearing diapers she may be able to use the potty sometimes and need to be cathed others or she may need to be cathed all the time, we'll see!

Enjoy some fun photos!  :)

 Sittin' pretty, ready for church.

 Mommy loves to do my hair!

Playing with the cool truck that my Great G-pa Ellgen made.

 Thumbs up! (16 months)

Standing tall. (16 months)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Or little girl turned 10 months old yesterday, time has begun to FLY since she's been doing well!!