Friday, December 5, 2008

House and such

Oh yeah, I'm updating our blog. :) I'm excited to show you what more we've done to our front room, slow and steady wins the race!

Yes indeed, we dyed our maroon leather sofas.... twice! The first attempt ennded up looking more like a brown you'd find in a baby diaper. We then ordered a more deep chocolate brown for the desired aesthetic. What a process! The last step is to condition the leather, then I'll post the finished pictures.

Another big project was replacing all of our inefficient aluminum single payne windows. That, too, was quite a process especially since I was in the middle of being super sick and in bed (thank goodness for antibiotics!).

I still need to get the "after" shots from inside, but we need to paint the new sills first.
And then we have the drapes... aren't they fabulous! :)

Pictures of the pillows I'm making will come soon too. Enjoy!


Doug and Marilyn said...

Yeah for an update! You guys are amazing. I wish I were just half as talented as you. The couch amazes me...I wouldn't even think to do that or think you could do it. It all looks so nice. Hope you are feeling better and that your holiday season is great!

The Reimers Family said...

I love the drapes!!!! The couches turned out so nice, I love the color! I'm so sorry that you've been so sick.

J and C said...

WOW! I had NO idea you can dye a leather sofa! I may have to get some tips that opens a huge variety of craigs list options! SO cool! Thanks for hte update!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I found you I thought I would just take a chance and look who I found. So how have you been. I tried calling you but you much have a diff number. Well email me back and we can catch up.

Jamie Scott

Anonymous said...

I guess you will need a email address so it