Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Low Down

Howdy hey everyone! :) I thought it'd be fun to post a quick update on our front room project. It's actually been at this point for a couple of months now and I wasn't going to post until we finally got the lower cabinet doors on... but here it is.


AFTER (almost done)

Pretty fun!

Shawn changed jobs and is now enjoying a LOVELY 40 mile commute (one-way) each day to Spanish Fork. He is tired by the time he makes the drive home, but is absolutely happy with his boss and co-workers and just his overall job of being a data and financial analyst at Provo Craft. I have to give him a hard time sometimes because he never was one to understand the purpose of scrapbooking. In fact he's told me before, "It makes no sense to spend money on 'scraps' why don't you just go out in the garage and use all those scraps out there." He admits now that he's embarassed to know so much about scrapbooking and all the tools, papers, and embellishments. It's pretty darn cute. :)

My work has picked up a lot lately and I'm so glad. It was really slow for a while there and I'm glad to be gaining some new great clients. It is so gratifying for me to pull spaces together that people can truely enjoy living in every day.

Best of all... I got to go visit my fabulous sister Stacy and her family in Texas!! She had a baby girl (Liberty) on Dec 22nd and she was so darn precious. Her other kids just keep growing too, Christsia is now 5, Jack is 4, and Stephen is 3. All of them are way too loveable and huggable and kissable to be living so very far away. :( Mike, Stacy and I also got to play some fun new games like Acquire and almost a full game of Cash Flow (that's a whole other story). I miss them terribly and treasure the fun we had just being together.

Jack and ChristsiaStephen


Waffle House... YUM!

So Sweet.

It's so funny, these guys do every thing on the counter, their favorite is puzzles.

Lastly, I must mention my little sis. She is so great. I was in Tooele one day and was about to make myself some lunch when she offered to fix me something. I quickly agreed and she whipped up a marvelous chicken alfredo dish right there on the spot!!
And yes, it was simply delicious. Thanks Heidi.


The Reimers Family said...

Your room looks amazing, that is an incredible amount of work! I'm so glad you got to go see those darling nieces and nephews of yours.

slcver said...

i love it your front room, so professional and stylin'
We loved that you came and visited us...come back again soon and don't forget to bring Shawn with you...the kids still think he is coming on another plane. LOVE YA!

Sorry if this posts twice...technical difficulties

Doug and Marilyn said...

I think that you two are the perfect pair. Julie designs awesome things to be built and likes to build them. Shawn likes power tools and stuff (home theaters)you put in cool things that Julie likes to build and it looks awesome. That is cool that you got a new job Shawn. I should call and see how things are going.