Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fondu Fun!!!

Here's a sneak peek at the fun times had when the Vernon family gets together. :) We had fondu for my nephew's birthday party and us girls decided to suck up the chocolate with straws. Shawn grabbed his camera and started shooting just as the top of the fountain lifted up and started spinning out of control, spewing chocolate all over the place. Great times!

Click on the picture to see flying chocolate.


McKenzie Johnson said...

LOL!!!! I can't stop laughing that is just hilarious! Thanks for sharing, love ya all!

Melissa Smith said...

That's awesome! Your family probably never has a boring get together's if stuff like that happens.

Wendy and Spencer said...

What fun things you have been up to! I love your new kitchen wall. Your Atmosphere picture is super cute. I love your hair cut. Take care and keep posting!