Sunday, February 14, 2010

I just got a new job with Atmosphere ID. I am so excited for the opportunities ahead!

My first time making a fabric flower. Thanks for the inspiration Kristina!! :)

Some fun cards I've made.

I finally got my kitchen wall done!!

Yates family cruise to the Bahamas!! (Nassau)

The ocean waves were so huge, the pool on the deck of our ship was sloshing all over like crazy!!

On Nassau.

It was SOOOO windy!!!!

The Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island.
Did I mention how much I hate fish?!?! (Yes, they scare me!)

Fort Fincastle

I didn't mean to! ;)


McKenzie Johnson said...

WOW Julie congrats on the new job! I love all your crafts, they are so cool! Your kitchen wall turned out GREAT! Did you hand paint that?

I'm so jealous about the vacation you took, that looks like it was a FUN trip.

A confession of mine, I'm a blog stalker I check religiously every week to see if you have posted anything! It's good to see all is well! Love ya cus!

Melissa Smith said...

Looks like life is grand for you. I'm so happy for you. Keep it up! And Keep postin. I really need to update my blog.

Julie said...

Thanks Kenz and Liss! Yes I did hand paint the wall. :)

The Reimers Family said...

I love the first picture o you in the Bahamas is you in a coat and pants, you poor things! Congrats on the new job, I ran into nikki the other night and she told me about it, how cool is that? Your wall looks gorgeous!!!

Doug and Marilyn said...

Looks like a very fun vacation!! Congrats on the job Julie. Glad to see an update from you guys. We miss ya!

Brittney Richards said...

YEAH Vernie! You got a new job, and you went on a cool vacation, and you updated your blog! I miss you like crazy! Congratulations! We'll have to plan a crazy roommate trip somewhere, sometime and catch up.

Jamie said...

Congratulations on the new job. I am so happy for you. Your kitchen looks awesome. We really do need to get together. We found us a new home can't wait. We should know next week. Email me

Jamie Scott