Friday, March 25, 2011

Emma 3-25-11 Update

Today was a lazy relaxing day for everyone. No new news for Emma. They want to wait to do the next tests when she is off the ventilator. Hopefully that will happen in the morning. Since we don't have lots of news we will just post lots of pictures :)

Emma's very first hair bow. Aww... fer cute!!!

Sweet daddy kisses

Cute little piggies

Look at those lovely locks of hair


She's got mommy's nails


Rebecca said...

Congrats Julie!! She is adorable, I hope everything continues to progress with her. You and your little family our in my thoughts and prayers.

Julianne said...

Congratulations, mommy and daddy. Emma is so precious. She has such a sweet baby.

Jen J said...

Ohhhh my goodness, I just want to squeeze that little thing!!! She looks so good Julie. She's got great coloring and I'm lovin' all of that hair! (Don't forget to cut a little piece off the back for her baby book. Just a suggestion) That soft baby hair falls out really quickly, and its fun to look back and see the color that it used to be and how soft and fuzzy it was. :)

JustnAsh said...

Jules!!! Congratulations. She is so beautiful and I know that you are going to make the best mommy ever!! Get all the rest while you can now, you're all going to do great.