Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emma's Many Faces

Here are some of the updates from today:
  • Emma's head circumference is still the same - not swelling!!!
  • She is still breathing really fast so they'll give the medicine until tomorrow to see if it starts working before they increase her dose. Meanwhile, she is still being fed through the tube.
  • She still has borderline jaundice so she is on and off the lights.
  • They upped her food to 54ml. and took her "nutrition" out of her IV. So she is pretty much done with the IV and they will be able to take it out soon. Yay!
This is my adorable awake face

This is my angry face

This is my sleepy face

This is my "I'm gonna sneeze" face


McKenzie Johnson said...

What a DOLL!

Jen J said...

I love all of her expressions. Take as many pictures as you can. The sweet little ones just grow and change so dang fast! Especially during the first year. You are going to cherish those pics. Love it!

Croppin Paradise said...

She is adorable! Thank you for the updates!

The Reimers Family said...

Such great news, Way to go Miss Emma!!!