Friday, April 8, 2011

Wednesday, April 6th 2011

Emma got to lay on her back for the very first time... for my 27th birthday! :) Her back is healing really well and she should get her stitches out on Friday. Her weight is still slowly increasing. The doctor says we can try bottle feeding again even though her breathing is still a little fast. Her chest x-rays from this morning showed that her lungs are worse - they have more fluid in them because if the hole in her heart. The Lasix medicine isn't working well enough so they are going to add another fluid-decreasing medicine to see if it will help.

It's been one of our harder days, but I appreciate all the birthday wishes and your continuing prayers and support.

What more could I want on my birthday than a wonderful husband, awesome family and friends, and snuggles from my very own daughter!!!

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Wendy and Spencer said...

Happy Birthday Julie! Emma is such a beautiful baby!